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  • MDHealthOnline is a dedicated platform for Integrative Health, and Healthcare Practitioners (HCP) committed to providing breakthrough natural health program or knowledge of innovations, discoveries, and advancements in herbs and Complementary Medicine.
  • MDHealthOnline seeks to promote greater Health and Wellness for Healthcare Practitioners and their patients throughout the world.
  • MDHealthOnline platform provides extensive free resources to their members. We also have free resources to help patients to seek an appropriate Healthcare Practitioner (HCP ) . We promote educational knowledge and the benefits of natural health.
  • Complementary Medicine and Herbs are rooted in thousands of years of proven practical experience. MDHealthOnline believes these Natural Medicines, as better Holistic Approach to lead a balance of well-being and Healthy Living.

How We Do It


MDHealthOnline share discoveries, advancements, and innovations in both Integrative and Alternative Medicine to promote greater whole-body Health and Wellness through various outlets; through the following



Practice Sharing

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Visible Media to engage all people worldwide.

A Trusted Authority

The MDHealthOnline platform is the most comprehensive and trusted authority for information on Integrated Medicine, with a focus on knowledge and resources for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Innovative Chinese Medicine (ICM). MDHealthOnline provides clarity about disease prevention, natural remedies, the science behind them, benefits, and more.

Highlight Healthcare Practitioners’ Practices

By Sharing Healthcare practitioner practices, Highlight their personal landing-page on MDHealthOnline. This will guarantee consumers and patients from all over the world will find and learn about you, in our network of distinguished global Healthcare Professionals.

Connect and Engage

MDHealthOnline provides Healthcare Practitioner (HCP) the necessary resources to grow their practices with comprehensive tools and essential information. We also help them connect and engage with consumers for opportunities to gain an abundance of education and knowledge about the benefits of Integrative Healthcare through various sources, including a peer-based community in which they can share ideas and challenges and discuss real-world advice.

Cultured Resources for Consumers to Live Healthily

For consumers, MDHealthOnline promotes knowledge of Disease Prevention, and the benefits of Integrative and Alternative Medicine and encourages engagement with Healthcare Professionals in MDHealthOnline network, and there is a healthy living guide resource for consumers to learn more about nutrition, healthy diets, exercises and more.

As the most comprehensive and trusted resource and knowledge of Integrative Health,
MDHealthOnline focuses on Complementary Medicine, Herbs for Disease Prevention, Health and Wellness.