Women With These Diseases, Panax Notoginseng Powder Works Very Well

Pananx notoginseng powder works very well for women with these diseases

  • Uterine fibroids, ovarian cyst, annex cyst

Ovarian cyst, annex cyst, uterine fibroids, etc., are common in modern women. In clinical practice, promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis and softening hardness to dissipate binds are the treatment direction for these diseases. Panax notoginseng powder is the most effective medicine for activating blood circulation, on the base of other treatment or medicine, it has a good adjuvant therapeutic effect.

  • Depression, irritability due to stress

Panax notoginseng flower has the effect of clearing heat and calming the liver. For women with the stagnation of the liver-Qi, fretfulness, irritability and insomnia due to work and life stresses, drinking a proper amount of Panax notoginseng flower tea can relieve these symptoms physiologically. Brewed Panax notoginseng flower can be eaten. Drinking tea and eating flower are also an amusing lif

  • Paleness, lack of Qi and Blood, anemia

Women experience blood consumption and loss during menstruation, pregnancy, labor and lactation. Blood is the basis of the body. Consuming or losing too much blood while not supplementing blood in time or supplementing blood insufficiently, will lead to deficiency of blood every easily. For women with deficiency of blood, Panax notoginseng in long-term use has significant hematogenic and blood enriching effects.

  • Breast cancer

In clinical evidence, Panax notoginseng has a good anti-tumor, anti-cancer effect. In addition, the latest scientific findings found that for Paclitaxel, the medicine of breast cancer, Panax notoginseng can have its effect 100 times.

  • Irregular menstruation

Irregular menstruation is the manifestation of blood stasis in practical Chinese medicine. Panax notoginseng has the function of activating blood and transforming stasis, and can treat irregular menstruation, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, non-stop postpartum lochia, lower abdominal pain caused by blood stasis.

  • Smoking

Smoking is regarded as a social habit or a relaxing behavior. But everyone knows that smoking has great harm to health, not only for the smokers, but also for the people around them. So, for those women who smoke t or live in a smoking environment, Panax notoginseng is helpful.

  • Liver damage caused by alcohol

Panax notoginseng powder has great protection for the liver, and can prevent and treat alcoholic hepatitis and liver fibrosis. For those people who have to drink for social intercourse, Panax notoginseng powder in long-term use and additional use before and after drinking, can effectively decrease the damage of alcohol to liver.

  • Dull looking

For women with dull looking caused by blood stasis and Qi stagnation, the blood circulation is not smooth, and the nutrition and oxygen can’t be transported sufficiently. Panax notoginseng powder can greatly improve the dull looking.

  • Removing speckles

Raw Panax notoginseng powder in long-term use can prevent the formation of chloasma, age pigment, etc. If the spots have been formed, oral taking raw Panax notoginseng powder or wearing Panax notoginseng powder mask can help light the spots or get rid of the spots.

  • Acnes in puberty

For young people with acne, drinking Panax notoginseng flower tea can help. If continuing to have acne until adulthood, one should consider the unhealthy diet and life habits causing the toxins to be stagnated in the blood. Oral consumption of raw Panax notoginseng powder or wearing a Panax notoginseng powder mask can clean blood.

  • “Three highs”

“Hypertension, hyperlipidemia and hyperglycemia” are more common in modern society, and are all associated with blood stasis. Panax notoginseng powder or flowers tea can solve them. Prof. Fan Zhenglun, well-known speaker of “Health Forum” of CCTV, recommendeds a healthy recipe: Panax notoginseng powder tea every morning and evening.

  • Neurasthenia, memory loss

Panaxatriol saponin of Panax notoginseng has the effect of exciting the central nervous system, can improve the symptoms of neurasthenia, and improve memory.

  • Weak immune system

Panax notoginseng polysaccharides can promote immunity and enhance the function of macrophages. Notoginsenosiole can also increase the total numbers of white blood cells and the percentage of lymphocytes in the blood, promote the proliferation of hematopoietic stem cells, and boost the production of antibody through humoral immunity at some extent.

Panax notoginseng (Order: Apiales, Family: Araliaceae, Genus: Panax) is a perennial herb with short rhizome, cylindrical fleshy root, palmatim compound leaf, terminal umbel, a yellow and green, calyx cup-shaped flower. The root is used as medicine, warm-natured and acrid in flavor, with significant effects: activating blood and transforming stasis, dispersing swelling and settling pain. It has been called “not to be exchanged even for gold” and “Holy herb of the South”.

Panax notoginseng belongs to Genus: Panax, the same as Ginseng, but it has more effective components than Ginseng. So, it is also called “King of Panax” by modern Chinese medicine botanists.

?Supplement to Compendium of Materia Medica?, the pharmacy works in Qing Dynasty recorded: “Ginseng nourishes the Qi best, Panax notoginseng nourishes the Blood best.” So, Ginseng and Panax notoginseng are together called the most precious herbs in Chinese medicine.

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