What is Innovative Chinese Medicine?

Innovative Chinese Medicine(ICM) recognizes and embraces the ever-evolving nature of medicine and medical practice. Its foundation is Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). As such, the more accurate name for it would be Innovative Chinese Medicine(ICM).

ICM combines the preventative, holistic and natural approach of TCM and applies technology to enhance its effectiveness. It represents the evolution of medicine. Scientific research and discovery over the past century have demonstrated the validity of TCM’s approach and the safe, practical use of natural, herbal medicines.

To understand ICM, it’s essential to understand its foundation, TCM, and how its positioned to meet the needs of people around the world today and in the future.

Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM)

Balance lies at the heart of TCM. This understanding comes from the influence of ancient Chinese philosophy and the theory of the competing nature and ultimate wholeness of yin-yang. When the yin and yang forces in the body are in balance, a person experiences heath; when out of balance, illness and disease follow.

The underlying philosophy is much more involved than simply Yin-Yang balance. It also involves concepts such as the five phases, meridian theory, the added influences of Qi and Spirit, and four diagnostic methods for identifying and treating disease. Volumes have been written about TCM and it is frankly too vast a subject to cover in a single post; however, it should be noted the tradition includes an abundance of documented therapies, herbal therapies, a balanced diet, physical therapies, and exercise such as Qi Gong to promote balance to support good health.

Today, technology and science present opportunities for TCM to take advantage of new innovations to improve health and raise the quality of living through natural medicines.

Innovative Chinese Medicine(ICM): At the Intersection of Evolving Tech and Ancient Wisdom

ICM unites tradition and technology. The effort goes beyond simply applying industrial technology to improve extraction methods to provide safe and potent herbal medicines. It includes TCM’s original holistic approach and applies it to develop processes to inspire innovation and advance communication and awareness to healthcare providers and consumers alike through technology.

TCM developed its approaches, methods and therapies through shared knowledge and experience. Innovative TCM seeks to continue this tradition and apply it to the use and development of industrial processes and technology. Yet, standards and processes do not lie at the core of ICM; people do.

The Future of Medicine

Medicine everywhere continues to evolve. Keeping people at the center of will be the challenge for every discipline. ICM’s foundation on Traditional Chinese Medicine and it’s patient-centric approach positions it to bring a holistic, preventative and natural practice to promote great health in every community.

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