Two Spoons Of Panax Notoginseng Every Day Handle All Kinds Of Health Problems

Everyone knows Panax notoginseng is good, but how good is it, and what kind of help can it bring to health?  Let’s uncover the health secrets of Panax notoginseng.

Record of the effects of Panax notoginseng from ancient pharmacopoeias

?Compendium of Materia Medica, new edition ?

Records: “Panax notoginseng root is the magic medicine of hemostasis. Wherever the bleeding is, from upper, middle, or lower part of the body, it could be stopped by one Panax notoginseng; Taken with Qi and blood supplementing medicine, Panax notoginseng works better. It supplements the body but does not over heat it, it supplements blood but also calms the body down.”

?Yu Jiu Yao Jie?

Records: Panax notoginseng can “harmonize the body to stanch bleeding, free the vessels and move stasis, move stasis and control new blood. Whether during postpartum, menstruation, or after knocks and falls, from swollen welling-abscess, all the stasis can be broken; Whatever types of bleeding, be it vomiting blood, irregular uttering bleeding, knife wounds and sword wounds, all the new bleeding can be stopped.”

?Collected Statements on the Herbal Foundation?

Record: “Panax notoginseng, sweet and slightly bitter in flavor, is neutral in nature and non-toxic.”

?Truth-seeking Herbal Foundation?

Records: “Panax notoginseng, commonly known for its functions such as maintaining hemostasis and relieving pain. They don’t know pain comes from stasis, and bleeding can be stopped by compressing and dissipating. Panax notoginseng, bitter and warm in flavor, can dissolve in the blood and transform stasis.”

?Supplement to Compendium of Materia Medica?

Records: “ginseng nourishes the Qi best, Panax notoginseng nourishes the Blood best, the taste is the same and the work is equal, so ginseng and Panax notoginseng are together called the most precious herbs in Chinese medicine.”

Panax notoginseng makes impossible possible

Panax notoginseng, is the tuberous root of Panax notoginseng plants (Family: Araliaceae, Genus: Panax). It is a rare and precious medicinal herb, and one of earliest medicinal and edible plants, with the reputation of the “Pearl of the South”. Panax notoginseng has multiple ingredients, such as dencichine, notoginsenosiole, etc, with a variety of function as stanching bleeding, activating blood and transforming stasis, dispersing swelling and settling pain. It is also called “Holy herb of the South”.

Panax notoginseng handles these problems of the body

1 Blood system

  • Homeostatic effect: Panax notoginseng is called “magical herb of homeostasis”, and is a important medicine for injury. The major ingredient of Panax notoginseng that stanches bleeding is dencichine, which is a special amino acid. The hemostatic effect decreases as dosage of Panax notoginseng decreases. The hemostatic function may be related with the function of the liver. For the hemorrhagic diseases in clinical practices, Panax notoginseng is often seen as the first choice.
  • Supplementing blood: “While ginseng nourishes Qi best, Panax notoginseng nourishes Blood best”. Panax notoginseng can inhibit platelets and promote fibrinolysis, thereby promoting bone marrow granulocyte – single cell mass proliferation, increasing the number of peripheral red blood cells, white blood cells.
  • Activating blood: Panex notoginseng’s ability to activate blood is mainly due to its active elements, such as notoginsenosiole, panaxatriol saponin, etc. If there is the situation in clinical practices in which stasis exists together with bleeding, Panax notoginseng is an especially crucial medication because it stanches bleeding without leaving stasis and activates blood without moving blood. Thus, Panax notoginseng is the most ideal medicine for activating and stanching blood.

2 Circulation system

  • Reducing blood viscosity, anti-thrombosis: Panax notoginseng is called “Scavenger of blood vessels”, can obviously decrease the level of plasma fibrinogen, work against thrombin-induced conversion of fibrinogen to fibrin, activate urokinase, and promote the dissolution of fibrin.
  • Obvious effect on coronary heart disease and angina pectoris: notoginsenosiole has the protective effect on myocardial ischemia reperfusion injury, can decrease myocardial oxygen consumption and have an antiarrhythmic effect.
  • Lowering lipids: Ginsenosides Rg1 of Panax notoginseng has strong function of anti-lipid peroxidation and can decrease lipids significantly.
  • Lowering blood pressure: Panax notoginseng can inhibit calcium ions through the myocardium and vascular smooth muscle cell membrane, loose smooth muscle, reduce peripheral resistance, then reaching the antihypertensive, anti-angina goal.
  • Protecting brain tissue, improving brain circulation: Panax notoginseng has the protective effect on ischemic brain injury. Notoginsenosiole can increase cerebral blood flow, dilate cerebral blood vessels, improve multiple cerebral infarction, promote glial cell reaction of brain softening lesion, protect delayed neuronal injury, decrease calcium content in brain tissue after ischemia, decrease the number of death neurons, and increase the density of neurons.

3 Immune system

  • Regulating immunity: when normal immune function is being destroyed, the active elements of Panax notoginseng in the body and blood can construct an effective protective system, and actively play immune function, therefore it has the effect of regulating immunity. The mechanism is special, and without any toxic side effect. After numerous experiments, medical experts found that Panax notoginseng has magical effects as an anti-cancer, anti-radiation, anti-virus and anti-mutation agent. It can strengthen resistance and immunity, promote growth and development, increase intelligence quotient, relieve fatigue, anti-aging, enhance physical fitness, and improve sports performance.
  • Anti-inflammatory effect: notoginsenosiole can obviously inhibit inflammatory cells production and protein exudation caused by carrageenan; it has a significant anti-inflammatory effect. In addition, it can inhibit granulation tissue proliferation of inflammation in late stage around tissue edema.

4 Hepatobiliary system

Notoginsenosiole can increase the absorption of the liver, and promote the regeneration of hepatocytes. Raw Panax notoginseng can enhance the content of superoxide dismutase in serum and liver tissue, decrease the consumption of liver, improve liver fibrosis and prevent liver cancer.

5 Cancer inhibition system

Cancer is one of the problems that we human have failed to overcome until now. Panax notoginseng can effectively inhibit cancer cell and enhance the function of immune system. Panax notoginseng contains the anti-cancer active substances such as ginsenosides, polysaccharides, active enzymes, and elemene, etc. Notoginsenosiole Rh1 can significantly inhibit the cultured liver cancer cells; Notoginsenosiole Rh2 has strong anti-tumor activity, then induce and reverse the cancer cell to a non-cancer cell.

6 Anti-aging systems

Panax notoginseng can significantly increase the activity of superoxide dismutase in brain tissue and blood, then decrease lipid oxidation. Notoginsenosiole can also inhibit the production of lipofuscin in brain and heart and serum lipid peroxides, indirectly clear radicals, then prevent and treat atherosclerosis and delay aging process.

These people are in urgent need of Panax notoginseng!

People with hyperlipidemia

Notoginsenosiole Rb1 has the function of lowering the blood cholesterol and lipids. In the lipid metabolism, it can decrease the total level of lipid, especially the content of triglycerides.

People with hyperglycemia

Notoginsenosiole Rg1 has the function of lowering hyperglycemia of glucose, working together with insulin. Notoginsenosiole Re can effectively reduce the concentration of blood glucose. The experiment proved that Panax notoginseng can treat non-hereditary diabetes.

People with hypertension

Notoginsenosiole has good effect on hypertension, especially on diastolic pressure, and has selective dilating effect on the vessels in different sites. Ginsenosides Rd can block the calcium channels and restrain the calcium ions in the cells, then dilate the vesselstherefore lowering the incidence of hypertension.

People with cardio/cerebrovascular diseases

Panax notoginseng has strong function of quacking the blood and transforming stasis, and is destined to be the nemesis of cardio/cerebrovascular diseases. It can clear deposits of blood, decrease blood viscosity, and in long-term use can soften and dilate blood vessels, inhibit thrombosis formation, promote blood health, effectively prevent and treat coronary heart disease, angina pectoris, myocardial infarction, etc. cardio/cerebrovascular diseases. Therefore, Panax notoginseng is called “scavenger of blood vessels”, one of the best natural medicines in the treatment of cardio/cerebrovascular diseases.

People with thrombosis problem

Panax notoginseng can effectively prevent the formation of thrombosis, and is the highest grade of treating and prevention of thrombosis. The effective components are panaxtriol Rg1 and Panax notoginsenosiole (PNS), which have significant functions as anti-platelet aggregation, antithrombin and promoting fibrinolysis.

People with ischemia and angina pectoris

Notoginseng alcoholic extract can enhance and improve coronary microcirculation, increase nutritional blood flow for myocardium, then raise the cardiac oxygen and nutritional substances. So, it can treat myocardial ischemia, angina pectoris and shock.

People with coronary heart disease

Notoginsenosiole can dilate the blood vessels, increase blood supply of ischemic areas, and can effectively relieve coronary spasm, improve microcirculation, decrease oxygen consumption of ischemic tissue, anti-thrombosis, anti-coagulation, inhibit atherosclerosis formation, therefore treat coronary heart disease.

People with cancer

Researches show that Panax notoginseng contains saponins, ?-elemene, trace element selenium, etc. anti-cancer substances. Notoginsenosiole Rb1, Rd can inhibit tumor cells; Notoginsenosiole Rh1 have obvious inhibitive effect on liver cancer cells; Notoginsenosiole Rh2 has strong anti-tumor activity and can induce cancer cells to non-cancer cells. In addition, notoginsenosiole and polysaccharides can enhance the immune function of body, with a supporting role on the treatment of cancer.

People with liver problems

Panax notoginseng is rich in ginsenosides which can clear lipids and clean liver, activate blood and dissipate stasis, and is the highest grade of nourishment and protection for liver. Notoginsenosiole Rb1 has the function of lowering the blood cholesterol and lipids, especially lowering the content of triglycerides, and successfully solves the problem – “hard to treat, easily recurrent after treatment” of fatty liver.

Elderly people

Panax notoginseng can clear oxygen free radicals, increase the activity of endogenous dismutase, enhance the ability of clearing oxygen free radicals, reduce the linkage reaction of oxygen free radicals, and decrease the blood lipid peroxidation. Panax notoginseng can obviously increase the activity of SOD in the brain and blood, significantly decrease the content of LPO in the brain and blood, and has the effect on anti-aging.

People with physical weakness

Panax notoginseng can bidirectionally regulate the body function, enhance the ability of managing stress and adaptability to hostile environment, and is the medicinal and edible phytomedicine with healing and replenishing functions. Panax notoginseng polysaccharides are the effective components of promoting immunity, which can enhance the function of macrophages. Notoginsenosiole can also increase the total numbers of white blood cells and the percentage of lymphocytes in the blood, and can boost the production of antibody through humoral immunity at some extent.

People with irregular menstruation

In Chinese medicine, irregular menstruation is the manifestation of blood stasis. Panax notoginseng has the function of activating blood circulation and transforming blood stasis. Therefore, it can treat the irregular menstruation, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, postpartum non-stop lochia and lower abdominal pain, all caused by blood stasis.

People in need of skin-lightening and freckle removing

Panax notoginsenosiole (PNS), Panaxadiol saponins (PNS) can delay aging process. The flavonoids they contain have better antioxidant effect than vitamin E. Panax notoginseng polysaccharides can activate the blood and nourish the skin, and have the anti-aging function. Trace elements it contains have multiple bioactivities, which help regulate endocrine and reduce the growth of acnes. The amino acid and protein it contains can nourish and whiten skin. Meanwhile, it can remove all kinds of pigment spots after dysfunctional endocrine and sun damage, such as sunburn, blackhead, and uncleanness precipitates.

People being easily fatigued

Panax notoginseng can excite central nervous system, improve mental and physical strength, enhance memory, and manifest the ability of resistance to fatigue.

People deficient in Qi and Blood

?Supplement to Compendium of Materia Medica?says “Panax notoginseng nourishes the Blood best.” Panax notoginseng can promote the division and the growth of various types of blood cells, promote the proliferation and release of bone marrow cells, and increase the number and activity of bone marrow erythrocytes, to reach the hematopoietic function.

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