Traditional Chinese Medicine: Traditional, Current, Modernized and Future

A Book of “Tradition, Current, Modernized, and Future of Traditional Chinese Medicine”

That provides some analyses about the similarities and differences between the theoretical systems of Chinese and Western Medicines with some typical cases of clinical research.

Focusing on the basic theory and practice:

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Traditional Chinese Medicine prescriptions

Chinese Medicine Diagnosis

Syndrome Differentiation

Herbal Drugs

Acupuncture Treatments

And more…

Unique Points need to Mention:

In “Organ” structure, the Organs of the physiological functions and pathological syndromes are discussed in combination, so readers can easily understand.

In the part of treatment rules, “adjusting Yin and Yang” was discussed as the general guideline for the treatment of disease and taking the principle of

  • “Cure Similar Disease with Different Methods”
  • “Cure Different Conditions with Similar Formularies”

Some illustrations of Acupuncture, focusing on the Meridians, Acupoints, Acupuncture Technology, Acupuncture of Treatment Principles, and Acupoints Prescriptions.

In language expression, strive to concise, easy to understand, accurate and smooth.

In the Overall Concept:

Strive to maintain the systematicness and integrity of Chinese Medicine

Highlight its relevance and practicality

Strive to achieve the perfect combination of Systematicness, Scientificness, Integrity, Innovation, and Accuracy.

In the last part of the Book:

Dr. Henry Sun will provide descriptions and case examples of the modernized and industrialized Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and the most recent researches and clinical successes of the integrated TCM practices.

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