Take Panax Notoginseng Powder as an Alternative Medication to Treat Hypertension

Hypertension is an important contributor to cardiovascular disease.  This article describes the various ways that hypertension can affect the body, and offers an attractive, proven herbal alternative to customary Western medications. That alternatve is called Panax notoginseng.

Damage to the heart: based on clinical data, hypertension’s harm to heart has two aspects:

  1. Damage to the heart blood vessel. Hypertension mainly harms the coronary artery of the heart, causing atherosclerosis which leads to coronary heart disease. Recently, based on national and international research, there is an increased incidence of coronary heart disease caused by hypertension.
  2. Damage to the heart itself. Due to long-term hypertension, the left ventricle operates under a heavier burden and it grows thicker causing hypertensive heart disease. The emergence of hypertensive heart disease usually appears many years after the emergence of hypertension. During the cardiac function compensatory period, sometimes patients have difficulty breathing with no other significant symptoms. During compensatory dysfunction period, patients can experience left ventricle heart failure. With slight movement, patients can experience hard to breath and cough, sometimes cough with blood clot, which in serious cases can lead to pulmonary edema.

Damage to the brain:

The three most common diseases that cause mortality in older people are cardiovascular diseases, heart disease and cancer’ hypertension is the main cause of cardiovascular diseases, following by hardening of the arteries. In clinical practice, acute cardiovascular diseases caused by hypertension include: cerebral hemorrhage and cerebral infarction, etc. Cerebral hemorrhage is the most common complication of late-stage hypertension. The location, amount and urgent care of cerebral hemorrhage are closely related to patients’ recovery, and it is a high-mortality rate disease. Even for survivors, some of them suffer from hemiplegia or aphasia. So, the key to prevent cerebral hemorrhage is to manage hypertension effectively every day.

Damage to the kidney:

Normally, hypertension’s harm to the kidney is a long-term process. Due to the strong compensatory function of the kidney, at first the only symptom that shows kidney’s irregular functioning is increasing urination during night. When kidney is showing compensatory dysfunction, due to decreasing renal concentration ability, patients would experience frequent urination, thirst, and lower density urine. When kidney dysfunction worsens, patients experience significantly decreased urination amounts, increasing levels of nonprotein nitrogen, creatinine and urea nitrogen in the blood and anasarca caused by unbalanced electrolyte and PH-level. When kidney dysfunction or uremia appears, the harm is irreversible.

Damage to the eye:

In the early stage of hypertension, most people have normal eye examination results. With the hypertension further developing, the retinal artery can experience spasmodic contraction, arterial stenosis and narrowed central reflex. With the disease progression, the retina can bleed, produce seepage, be swollen, and in serious cases it can have neurogenic nipples edema. In the long run, these matters would deposit on the retina, which cause the patients to lose sight or cannot see things clearly.

With the increasing standard of living, the number of people with hypertension is also increasing. We should try to eat less oily food because (eating too much is not a good think). This last phrase should be rewritten) To control our blood pressure, we need to eat the right amount and the right type of food.

How to manage hypertension? Most people would choose to take blood pressure medication.

How does normal blood pressure medication work? Widening your blood vessel. For example, the blood vessel’s diameter used to be 10mm, after taking blood pressure medication, it becomes 15mm. With wider blood vessel, your blood pressure becomes lower.

What are the side effects of long-term blood pressure medication?

  1. Because the blood vessel is widened every day, in the long run it will become loose and inelastic, which will lead to early-aging of your blood vessel.
  2. Blood pressure medication has many complications and side effects
  3. Taking blood pressure medication the wrong way over the long term could lead to harmful chemical deposits in the liver and damaged liver function. Modern evidence proves that over time and with continuous consumption of the medication, the burden on the liver increases. Even if blood pressure medication can manage hypertension, it only manages the symptoms but does not cure the causes of hypertension. The symptoms are hidden but the patients’ health is not restored.

So, blood pressure medication widens the blood vessel to manage hypertension on one hand and may damage the liver on the other hand.

The ideal way to manage hypertension is a method that can lower blood pressure smoothly with no side effects. Panax notoginseng improves blood circulation and can stop bleeding. It manages blood pressure in both ways (up and down). Panax notoginseng can cure blood clots and at the same time can stop bleeding. This may seem puzzling; how can an ingredient increase blood circulation and stop bleeding at the same time? The reason is that dencichine, which is the water-soluble component of Panax notoginseng, can improve the platelet aggregation and decrease blood coagulation time; while Panax notoginseng saponins can significantly repress the formation of blood clot. That is the reason why Panax notoginseng can manage blood pressure in both way, improve blood circulation but not bleeding, stop bleeding but not forming blood clot.

What is the difference in using Panax notoginseng for blood pressure management?

Panax notoginseng saponins can significantly widen blood vessels, lower coronary artery resistance, increase coronary artery blood amount, improve coronary artery micro-circulation, and increase nutritional myocardial blood flow. It can also improve myocardial contraction, improve blood vessel elasticity, lower artery blood pressure, and slightly decrease heart rate, which can lift the burden of heart in order to decrease myocardial oxygen consumption. Panax notoginseng can manage hypertension with superb effects and protect patients from other complications.

Blood pressure medications only focus on the symptoms but do not cure the cause of disease. It manages the diseases in a short time period, but in the long run, more serious complications can occur.

Panax notoginseng is a natural herb, which has lower blood pressure smoothly with no side effect. If taken for the long run, it can cleanse the blood vessel, and address hypertension from the core causes. It can improve the whole-body health and immune system, which will give you a healthy life!

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