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About Stephen Kochakian

Steve has been working in the field of wellness and nutrition for over 10 years and combines his passion for healthy living with the sharing of nutritional wisdom accumulated over that time. His custom approach starts by not only identifying how clients can implement healthy eating practices but also looks at additional nutritional modalities patients can implement to optimize health and wellness.
Steve’s approach is all about empowering through education, teaching and developing a customized strategy for optimal health. Whether you are a stay at home mom, weekend warrior, a professional athlete or corporate executive, the recommended approach while different, is always based on the client needs and goals. Most programs center around a holistic wellness prescription that identifies the root cause of any health issues, client goals and the comprehensive plan to achieve their desired end result.
Steve is certified as a Nutrition and Wellness Coach by American Fitness Professionals of America and also completed the e-Cornell programs for plant-based nutrition offered by the prestigious T. Collin Campbell Center for Nutritional Studies


  • Certified Clinical Nutrition