Panax Notoginseng, The Prevention Of Cirrhosis Of The Liver

Cirrhosis of the liver is the hardness of liver?

Yes, cirrhosis of the liver can be simply imagined as “liver feels hard”. But in fact, cirrhosis of the liver is a condition, in which the liver can’t maintain normal functioning after suffering from long-term damage.

In medicine, cirrhosis of the liver is one kind of chronic liver disease and may be caused by one of many conditions (such as hepatitis B, long-term alcoholism, etc.). Once cirrhosis of the liver is developed, the function of the liver and related blood vessels will be damaged, and the patient is subject to a series of complications or death.

A number of liver diseases can lead to cirrhosis of the liver after long time damage. So, the cirrhosis of the liver is the final stop of all kinds of chronic liver diseases, also called “end-stage liver disease” by lots of hepatologists.

How to prevent cirrhosis of the liver?

Cirrhosis of the liver is a severe liver disease, which causes great harm to the body, and needs long-term treatment and care. Then, how to prevent the development of cirrhosis of the liver? Panax notoginseng encyclopedia here recommends some practical methods.

1. Proper amount of vinegar

Vinegar is a common condiment in our daily life, for example, vinegar can get rid of fishy smell when cooking fish, or fast meat steamed, or help the calcium and phosphorous dissolve into the water when stewing pork for rib soup, in benefit to full absorption. For patients with a fatty liver who have a poor appetite, vinegar can increase the appetite and fortify the spleen. But the patient must have the PROPER amount of vinegar, otherwise having too much of it will harm the regeneration of liver cells.

2. Less garlic

Garlic is a treasure and has outstanding efficacy in protecting your health. However, some of the ingredients contained in the garlic have a stimulating effect on the gastrointestinal tract, can inhibit the secretion of gastric digestive enzymes, then affect appetite and the digestion and absorption of food. Volatile oil in garlic can reduce the number of red blood cells and hemoglobin in the blood, even cause anemia, which is unfavorable for the rehabilitation of patients with fatty liver. So, the patients with fatty liver should eat less garlic during the illness.

3. Don’t have tea immediately

Some people are used to drinking tea immediately after having meat, eggs, fish and other high-protein, high-fat food, to get rid of the grease.  Some people even like strong tea, which is wrong. Tea contains a large amount of tannic acid which can synthesize convergent tannic acid protein with protein. Tannic acid protein can slow peristalsis, can easily lead to and increase toxic substances and carcinogens poison on the liver, and easily lead to fatty liver.

4. Maintain full nutrition

The patients with fatty liver don’t have to limit the intake of lipid and protein, because they already have poor liver function, if lacking nutrition, can’t eradicate the disease.

5. Prohibition of alcohol

Fatty liver can develop when 1/3 of liver cells are lapidated. Mild fatty liver will recover 4-6 weeks after quitting alcohol. If one continues to drink, liver fibrosis will form. The treatment of this disease is dependent on the abstinence of alcohol.

6. Vitamin supplements

Vitamins are converted into useful substances for the human body through the metabolism of the liver. So once the liver is endangered, liver function will decrease, of course, the metabolic function of vitamins will decline. Therefore, one would need to take more vitamins than usual to supplement the lack of vitamins.

“In addition, the study of Chinese medicine found that long-term consumption of Panax notoginseng also significantly improved cirrhosis of liver.”

Panax notoginseng 20g, corn stigma 30g, winter melon skin 150g, fresh fish 1000g

Methods: Decoction on above ingredients, take out hot boiled and over cooked fish, eat meat and drink soup, one dose daily, divided in three times, continue to take a few doses.

Indications: This recommendation has the function of activating blood circulation and transforming stasis, moving Qi and dis-inhibiting water, and dispersing swelling. Apply to cirrhosis of the liver with the following symptoms: big, full and hard abdomen with venous engorgement, flank pain, dark complexion, head, face, neck and chest shown with blood shots and blood moles, lip cyanosis, thirsty but not drink, black stool, etc.

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