Panax Notoginseng Tastes Bitter? Add One Ingredient To Harmonize!

Panax notoginseng is a good stuff, and has the functions of homeostasis, activating blood circulation and supplementing the blood. In modern medicine, Panax notoginseng is widely used to treat cardiovascular diseases. It can protect myocardium, be antiarrhythmic, lower lipid level, be anti-atherosclerotic, and mildly lower blood pressure; also, it protects brain tissues, improves brain circulation, and has the effects of sedation, analgesia and improving memory. But some people don’t dare to eat Panax notoginseng, why? Because they don’t like the bitter taste of Panax notoginseng. How can we deal it with that bitter taste?

Panax notoginseng tastes mildly bitter, and only needs to add one to harmonize it!

Panax notoginseng tastes bitter, which is a characteristic from nature. Its unpleasant taste stops some people from insisting on it, even though its strong benefits to health are known by more and more people. Now, we recommend a sweet and healthy way to use Panax notoginseng.

The following will introduce the methods and functions of Panax notoginseng powder plus honey in detail.

1.Panax notoginseng

Taste: warm in nature, sweet and mildly bitter in flavor

Function: activating blood circulation and nourishing blood, in the treatment of “three high” (hypertension, hyperlipidemia and hyperglycemia) and migraine, clearing vessels, beautifying and health cultivation, anti-aging, anti-tumor, etc.


Taste: sweet and delicious, with heavy flower scent, fragrant, excellent in color, smell as well as taste, leaving a rich aftertaste

Function: clearing heat and resolving toxins, moistening the intestine and freeing the stool, enriching Yin and moistening lungs, suppressing cough and calming the panting, boosting Qi and supplementing the kidney, beautifying appearance and nourishing face, etc.

Panax notoginseng plus honey for oral and topical use is very useful!

Soak in water, then drink.

Methods: Panax notoginseng, 3 grams each time, twice a day, plus some honey, mixed in warm boiled water, then drink. Although Panax notoginseng has mildly bitter flavor, it won’t be that obvious after mixed with delicious honey.

Function: activating blood circulation and dissipating stasis, lowering blood pressure, regulating blood lipids, beautifying appearance and removing spots.

Facial mask

Method (1)

Take a proper amount of Panax notoginseng powder and honey, stirring, and directly apply the mixture onto face, 15 minutes later wash them off by clean water. 2-3 times a week recommended.

Function: Beautifying appearance and nourishing face, removing spots, removing acne marks, removing acnes, making skin rosy, smoothing facial lines, moisturizing skin.

Method (2)

Take a proper amount of Panax notoginseng powder (10g), olive oil (12g), green melon mud (10g), and honey (20ml). First mix honey with green melon mud, then put them with Panax notoginseng and olive oil, stirring, then can apply the mixture on face. 30 minutes later can be washed off. This method is recommended to use three times a week.

Function: Excellent in removing spots and whitening

In general, the function of Panax notoginseng plus honey is very strong, and the cost is also acceptable. Especially for women, Panax notoginseng plus honey is not only beautifying appearance and nourishing face, but also supplementing the water the body needs, and make skin bright and taut, beautiful and glamorous. For aging people, Panax notoginseng plus honey can not only decelerate aging, but also prevent cardio-cerebral vascular diseases efficiently. In long-term use, for those people with dark complexion and who have worked   a long time under computer radiation, Panax notoginseng plus honey has a positive skin care effect.

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