Panax Notoginseng Is Not Only For Older People

Panax notoginseng is not only for older people! Start taking Panax notoginseng when you are young to avoid disease in the future.

We need to prevent geriatric disease starting in middle age. The basis of cardiovascular disease is atherosclerosis; research has proven that usually atherosclerosis starts in one’s forties and accelerates between forty and fifty- years-old, then in the sixties its progression slows. So, the key time to prevent atherosclerosis is during one’s forties. People in the forties however, often pay less attention to their own health since they may be caring for their own families and are at the height of their careers.

Nonetheless, start taking Panax notoginseng when you are still young.

An opinion within traditional Chinese medicine is that all the diseases come from dirty matter in the blood. It means that diseases are caused by contamination of the blood, therefore traditional Chinese medicine treats blood contamination as a very serious issue. Blood contamination matters to the livelihood of more than 60 trillion cells in our body, and because blood circulates through the body, once contaminated, it will also bring that contamination to every corner of your body.

Panax notoginseng contains saponins which taste slightly bitter and with various kinds of minerals, can cleanse the blood fundamentally, cleanse the blood vessels, make blood circulation smoother, and recover body functions. In the digestive tract, Panax notoginseng will combine with lipids to form compounds that are hard to absorb, thus preventing lipids from depositing on the walls of blood vessels.  This protects blood vessel walls, decreasing damage to blood vessel, preventing atherosclerosis, and lowering blood lipid levels, especially triglycerides.

Sub-optimal health status among middle-aged people can be ignored easily; taking Panax notoginseng is a great solution to these health concerns.

Taking Panax notoginseng frequently could:

  • Lower blood pressure: lower blood lipid, manage blood glucose level; Panax notoginseng saponins can widen blood vessels, improve micro-circulation, and decrease external pressure to lower blood pressure.

Lower blood lipid: Panax notoginseng saponins can decrease blood cholesterol and blood lipid, prevent lipid deposits on the blood vessel wall, prevent atherosclerosis, lower blood cholesterol and lipid level, especially triglycerides.

Manage blood glucose level: Panax notoginseng’s impact on blood glucose level depends on your body’s blood glucose level, it can manage (increase if too low and decrease if too high) your blood glucose to the optimal level.

  • Increase blood circulation, prevent and manage cardiovascular diseases

<Compendium of materia medica> said: Panax notoginseng can cure every blood-related disease. It can cleanse blood, serving as the street sweeper of blood vessel.

Panax notoginseng saponins can improve blood circulation, widen blood vessels, and increase blood amount circulated through coronary artery and cerebrovascular. It also has an antiplatelet aggregation function, can reduce blood viscosity, prevent atherosclerosis, dissolve the formed thrombus and prevent the formation of new thrombus, , manage myocardial and cerebral ischemia. Meanwhile, Panax notoginseng can reduce the arterial pressure, reduce the heart rate slightly, strength the myocardial contractility, and reduce the cardiac burden, thereby significantly reducing the oxygen consumption of myocardium, and play the role of anti-arrhythmia.

In traditional Chinese medicine practice, Panax notoginseng is often used as an ingredient to improve blood circulation and decrease blood stasis. It can prevent and manage coronary heart disease, angina pectoris, myocardial ischemia and arrhythmia, cerebral thrombosis, cerebral hemorrhage and other blood system diseases with remarkable curative effects.

  • Stop bleeding

When the blood vessel is broken, dencichine in Panax notoginseng will help blood platelet to change its form, release ADP, platelet factor III, etc. It can significantly decrease time of blood coagulation, which leads to better blood coagulation performance.

  • Protect liver

Panax notoginseng saponins can improve the growth of liver cells, avoid liver fibrosis and microangiopathy due to lack of blood in liver, protect liver from chemical harm (for example, alcohol), effectively decreasing damage to liver cell. At the same time, Panax notoginseng saponins can widen peripheral vascular, improve liver micro-circulation, decrease myocardial oxygen consumption, which providing liver protection.

  • Anti-aging, anti-cancer, improve body’s immune system

Anti-aging: Rb1 saponins in Panax notoginseng can protect lipid from over-oxidation, decrease the formation of LPO, and improve the activity of SOD to decrease quantity of LPO, which has the function of anti-aging. The amount of Rb1 saponins in Panax notoginseng is very high, which explains its superb anti-aging performance.

Anti-cancer: Rh1 saponins in Panax notoginseng can decrease the growth of cancer cell, Rb1 saponins has protective effect of cancer patients who have infection, Panax notoginseng polysaccharide can stimulate the activity of macrophages which can decrease the growth of cancer cell. So Panax notoginseng can kill cancer cell directly, protecting normal cell with no side effects.

Improve body’s immune system: Panax notoginseng polysaccharide can improve the function of macrophages, Panax notoginseng saponins can improve the total amount of white blood cells and the percentage of the lymphocyte cell in blood, and on some level, it can improve the formation of antibody, which all work to improve body’s immune system.

  • Anti-fatigue, improve memory

Protoginseng triol saponins Rg1, Rg2, R1, etc in Panax notoginseng can stimulate the central nervous system, improve brain function and physical function, which gives Panax notoginseng its anti-fatigue and memory improvement ability.

  • Nurture blood and beautifying

Panax notoginseng can improve the growth of many cells, improve the growth of bone marrow cells, improve the amount and activity of bone marrow red blood cells, which can achieve blood nurturing function.

Panax notoginseng can increase skin blood circulation, manage endocrine, improve yellowness on face, pale lips, wrinkles and spots due to lack of blood.

  • Calming effect on the mind

Protoginseng triol saponins Rb1, Rb2, Rb3 and Rc etc in Panax notoginseng flower can inhibit central nervous system, which can calm the mind, improve sleep, manage dizziness and tinnitus.

Best matches for Panax notoginseng

Panax notoginseng + Gastrodia elata

Prevention and management: atherosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases

Panax notoginseng 3g, Gastrodia elata 5g, twice a day (morning and evening); for people with weaker digestive system, take after breakfast and dinner to avoid stomach irritation.

Gastrodia elata powder can manage headaches, blood pressure and pain; reduce phlegm, and improve blood circulation. Panax notoginseng powder can stop bleeding, improve blood circulation, reduce swelling and manage pain, nurture whole body; it has anti-fatigue, anti-hypoxia, anti-aging functions. Also, Panax notoginseng can lower blood lipid, lower blood glucose, improve body immune system. Panax notoginseng and Panax notoginseng flower is the very best in managing hypertension, hyperglycemia and hyperlipidemia; though few people know about this, people who have used it all agree that it is very effective.

Notes: Gastrodia elata powder 3g in morning and evening everyday can manage insomnia in middle-aged people with amazing effects.

Panax notoginseng + American ginseng

Cleanse blood clot, nurture your body with both Yin and Yang

Panax notoginseng powder 50g, American ginseng powder 50g, mixed together. Take with warm water every day, the amount should be altered according to disease progression. For general population, 1g of mixed powder everyday should be fine.

The mixed powder of Panax notoginseng and American ginseng can cleanse blood clot on one hand; on the other hand, American ginseng can nurture both Qi and Yin at the same time, the heart’s Qi, Blood, Yin and Yang can all be nurtured; at the same time, Panax notoginseng with blood cleanse function also protects the heart, which is very good for a healthy heart.

Panax notoginseng + Salvia miltiorrhiza

Functions: Nurture Qi and cleanse blood, dissolve clot and dredge blood vessel.

Recipe: American ginseng 100g, Panax notoginseng 150g, leech 100g, Gastrodia elata 100g, earthworm 100g, purple Salvia miltiorrhiza 150g, Rhizoma ligustici wallichii 100g, hawthorn 100g, Lamps flower 100g, saffron 30g.

This is a very effective method for preventing and managing cardiovascular diseases, it can be used on various kinds of heart diseases, cerebral arteriosclerosis, cerebral thrombosis and cerebral infarction.

Method: Grind above ingredients to powder, take 5g each time, three times a day. If used as a preventive method, once a day is fine, take it in the long-term. It is a very safe method to prevent coronary heart disease and stroke.

Panax notoginseng + Angelica sinensis

  • Panax notoginseng taking with Angelica sinensis can be used to manage bruises and sprain; it can improve blood circulation, manage swelling and pain.
  • Irregular menstrual period and pain during menstrual period can be managed by Panax notoginseng and Angelica sinensis. Panax notoginseng can nurture Qi and Blood, improve blood circulation to decrease the pain; Panax notoginseng can improve blood circulation, which also helps to manage the pain.
  • Pain after delivery of baby can be managed by Panax notoginseng and Angelica sinensis.
  • Late-stage ulcers can be caused by conflicting Qi and Blood, weak Qi and Blood which slow down the healing of ulcers; Panax notoginseng and Angelica sinensis can be used together to improve Qi and Blood. This can improve blood circulation, decrease blood clot and help with the healing of ulcer.
  • In practice for diseases related to blood, using Panax notoginseng and Angelica sinensis together can improve blood formation.
  • In practice to cure coronary heart disease and arrhythmia, Panax notoginseng and Angelica sinensis are always used together to improve blood formation and decrease blood clots.
  • Using Panax notoginseng and Angelica sinensis together can also manage liver infection and fatty liver diseases.

Cautious –

  • Amount: For Panax notoginseng powder, a single person should not take more than 10g per day, 5g a time, except for external use to stop bleeding.
  • Panax notoginseng should not be used during menstrual period, it can cause excessive amount of bleeding. But if the patient has irregular menstrual period, Panax notoginseng can be sued to manage it.
  • In the morning: take Panax notoginseng 3g in the morning with warm water. It can improve your immune system and has anti-aging function.
  • In the evening: take Panax notoginseng before dinner, it can help with your sleep. If take too much in the evening, it can over-stimulate you. It is better not to take Panax notoginseng before sleep, because it can make you thirsty.
  • Pregnant women should not use Panax notoginseng to avoid effect on the fetus. after delivery of the baby, Panax notoginseng is very good for the new mother, it can manage bleeding and anemia due to delivery.
  • During cold: people with a cold should not take Panax notoginseng flower, because it will make the cold worse. Panax notoginseng powder has a warm character, so it can be taken during cold.
  • Raw Panax notoginseng powder and cooked Panax notoginseng powder have different functions.

Good for people:

With cardiovascular diseases.

With hypertension, and anemia.

With diseases related to blood (vomit blood, cough with blood, stool with blood, urine with blood, blood clot, etc)

Who are very weak and who have a very weak immune system.

Women not during menstrual period and after delivery of baby.

With scars (caused by fire, heat, surgery, etc), it can decrease the growth of scars.

Studies show that taking Panax notoginseng powder in the long run has no side effects. One spoon of Panax notoginseng powder a day, take your health back.

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