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30 West 58th Street Suite 502 New York

About Michal Hertz

I am a Registered Dietitian with a Masters in Clinical Psychology providing specialized treatment to those with Eating Disorders, Emotional Eating, Orthorexia and Weight Management. I am the Founder and Director of Michal Hertz Nutrition, a private practice that provides clients with individual nutrition therapy, meal support, and family services to create a diverse and effective treatment. My philosophy when it comes to treatment is learning to balance all different types of food into ones diet without feelings of anxiety or guilt and with control and mindfulness. Creating a non-judgemental, comforting and honest environment is of the upmost importance.
My Masters in Clinical Psychology also allows for me to take a more therapeutic approach to nutrition and focus on the behaviors and emotional aspects that have shaped our relationship with food.
Working in the private practice setting over the past several years has allowed me to tailor and personalize each clients treatment needs. I often collaborate with other healthcare professionals such as psychotherapists and physicians.


  • Certified Clinical Nutrition