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540 Lafayette Rd Hampton, New Hampshire


About Louis Bornstein

I specialize in helping clients to know themselves. the stresses we carry infringe on many parts of our lives, both physically and emotionally. i offer each of my clients individual care, and assessment of all injuries with a unique perspective which often offers a plan to recovery. this may include techniques to deal with anxiety or sleep issues, or an exercise regimen based on 25+ years of yoga therapy addition i have studied extensively in both eastern and western herbal medicine, which is helpful in all cases, but especially w infertility.

My acupuncture technique is considered quite gentle by patients who have had acupuncture w other practioners. i use balance methods, often placing just one hair thin needle in each limb to achieve amazing and lasting results. initial sessions last 2 hours, an hour devoted to history and one for treatment.
I have helped many women succeed in falling pregnant. i have helped many w chronic injuries and i specilaize in working w sports injuries and concussions. I have helped many to lower their white meds, including diabetics, neuropathy and shingles patients. i accept workers comp and auto cases.


  • Licensed Acupuncturist