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4800 Roland Ave, Suite 201 Baltimore, MD


About Carrie Runde

Dr. Runde is an active member of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians, where she served on their Board of Directors for five years. She works at the state and federal levels to increase public access to natural medicine, so that people have better access to naturopathic health care. Dr. Runde has also served on the Board of the Maryland Naturopathic Doctors Association where she worked to achieve licensure for NDs in the state. Currently, she serves on the Naturopathic Advisory Committee under the Maryland Board of Physicians.
After living in many cities across the country, Dr. Runde is excited to be practicing in her hometown. At CCNH, Dr. Runde welcomes patients of all ages who are looking for a compassionate doctor. Her strengths are working to improve the health of children and working with adults who suffer from fatigue, digestive complaints, hormonal imbalances, or fertility concerns.


  • Certified Clinical Nutrition