Cancer Awareness And Integrated Therapy Treatments

Cancer awareness can be many facets, so How do cancer patients relieve their pain? Please read on, we can manage cancer progression and relieve the pain at the same time.

Experiencing fatigue, loss of appetite and weight loss, 70-year-old patients suffer greatly from cancer

Walter has been suffering from Hepatitis B for about 20 years.  Recently, he experienced fatigue, loss of appetite and weight loss. Besides these symptoms, Walter always feels swelling pain in his right side and back and he can only whisper when he talks; he also feels dizziness and nausea. These symptoms are worse at night, so Walter often loses a whole night of sleep. Sometimes Walter feels agitated, has dry mouth, even a low grade fever, lower extremity edema, a swollen stomach and constipation; Walter is in a great deal of pain. .

After a CT examination, the diagnosis is primary liver cancer. Due to advanced age, Mr. Chen has refused surgery and chemical intervention, seeking care from traditional Chinese medicine. After the pulse diagnosis and the tongue diagnosis, experienced TCM doctor found that Chen’s tongue was red, mossy, and the veins very thin, which indicated Yin deficiency of liver and kidney, Qi stagnation, water stasis, and (evil poison) Rich: is there another way to describe evil poison?

According to patients’ physical condition in the medicine, the TCM doctor prescribed drugs for Walter. After taking the drugs, the symptoms were relieved, constipation was relieved, ascites disappeared; fatigue, dry mouth and pain at the right side were also relieved, Mr. Chen can sleep for about 4 hours at night.

After one course of treatment, most of the symptoms disappeared, his appetite improved, and he can eat more food. After the treatment for 9 months, the patient had no obvious discomfort and was in a stable condition.

Five signs that you could have cancer

The word cancer itself can stir up fear.   And the presence of cancer can be difficult to detect.

When your body shows any of the following symptoms, be careful be careful to protect your health- and see you doctor immediately!

  • Lumps in the breasts

When you find lumps in the breast or redness on breasts’ skin, you must be very careful, this may be cancer. Breast cancer may affect men as well as women.

These lumps in breasts will gradually increase, but they will not cause pain. Generally, in a non-lactating woman, if their nipple is inverted, accompanied by a liquid, this can be  an early sign of breast cancer. Men may have wrinkles in the skin and nipple asymmetry..

  • Pain

With increasing age, we may suffer from pain in our bodies. If the pain’s duration is long, more than a week, we may need to check  for cancer.

  • Changes in lymph nodes

Our body has many lymph nodes.  Lymph node problems can also mean cancer. We need to pay special attention to axillary lymph node enlargement.

If these lymph nodes continue to swell and persist for more than a month, it may be a symptom of breast or brain cancer.

  • Fever

Fever is usually caused by influenza, pneumonia or other inflammation, but if there is a fever of unknown cause, it may be a sign of  cancer spreading to other organs.

Cancers such as lymphoma and leukemia often cause unexplained fevers.

  • Weight loss at an alerting rate

Sharp weight loss may be a sign of illness lung cancer, stomach cancer, kidney cancer, colorectal cancer, etc., causing a sharp decline in weight; in the face of drastic weight loss, it is necessary to seek medical attention in time to find out the cause.

When we find an abnormality in our body, we must seek professional medical care; it is very important to follow “early detection, early diagnosis, early treatment” advice.

Cancer patients are suffering from great pain

Pain is a manifestation of cancer. With swelling of the tumor growth or ulceration, and infection,, the peripheral nerve or nerve stem is  stimulated or compressed,  leading to local pain. In patients with an advanced stage of cancer, the pain will gradually increase, especially at night. As the disease progresses , it becomes  more and more painful. Cancer pain is repeated, persistent, and endless.

In addition, late-stage cancer is one of the main causes of pain.

Cancer pain is generally divided into several categories, such as physical pain, visceral pain, neuropathic pain, peripheral nerve pain, central nervous system burning pain, stomach pain, etc. Pain is quite common in cancer patients.

The pain that cancer patients are suffering may not be felt by ordinary people. Several patients with cancer describe the pain of cancer in such words “the pain almost deprives us of the strength to die”. ,

The relief of pain is a responsibility of the hospital oncology department and medical staff. Many oncology doctors have been emphasizing the improvement of the quality of life of cancer patients.

So how should we relieve and manage cancer pain? We need to strive for early treatment and safe and effective control of cancer pain. Our aim is to relieve the pain of the patient.

The integrated-therapy for cancer management

Integrated cancer therapy  combines  internal and external treatment, eastern and  western medicine to relieve symptoms and reduce pain, improve the quality of life  prolonging the survival period.

Internal and external treatment using traditional Chinese medicine includes immune three oxygen blood doping, an intravenous drop of Chinese medicine, acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine external treatment cream, and a medicine bottle.  It also includes ear beans, fumigation, hand and foot bath, drugs enema, intermediate frequency radiation, lamp, Chinese medicine iontophoresis, etc., and some physical methods such as polarization red light, laser acupuncture therapy, more acupuncture and rehabilitation medicine bath

Improving the quality of life of cancer patients is also part of cancer treatment a trend recognized by more oncology doctors. Traditional treatment focuses on western medicine, only focusing on pain management when patients suffer from it, while integrated-therapy doctors advocate the combination of Chinese and western medicine, using the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine to solve the pain of cancer patients. It requires advanced experience in pain management and a pain assessment system, through the establishment of perfect multimodal analgesia; new methods such as individualized analgesia make tumor patient safety, provide a comfortable operation period, increase patient safety and functional rehabilitation period, extend the life cycle, improving the quality of life of cancer patients.

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