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About Camille Redmond

Camille created Nutritional Path to Wellness to provide guidance in healing of mind, body, and spirit through education, motivation, and support. She honors your unique journey through nutrition and lifestyle coaching, navigating and paving the way for you to successfully achieve your goals. She believes in healing the body through whole, unprocessed, and unrefined foods. Nutrition is not one-size fits all. She will guide you in navigating your optimal nutritional route to bring your body back into balance and align with your wellness goals.


The Reboot Program works in harmony with your body’s cellular functions while supporting gut health and digestion, reducing inflammation; and supporting the body with nutrition providing an ideal environment for success, and the best health possible. The Standard Process Purification Program supports the body’s natural toxin-metabolism processes.
Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis is an essential tool for precisely measuring your body’s inner health by monitoring your body composition. WatchWT MedGem Metabolic Testing provides a medical-based, structured approach to weight management leading to better results because your plan is more focused and personalized based on your physiological needs.


  • Certified Clinical Nutrition