7 Benefits Of Naturopathic Healthcare

Naturopathic healthcare continues to grow in popularity. A large part of this movement comes from greater public interest in natural therapies and prevention due to benefits of naturopathic healthcare. Another reason that should not be overlooked has to do with conventional medicine’s failure to address conditions like chronic pain, ie. fibromyalgia, metabolic disorders and chronic fatigue.

Of course, there could be many more reasons for the growing interest in naturopathy. Regardless of the motivation, naturopathic healthcare offers individuals and families many benefits. Here are 7 benefits of naturopathic healthcare to consider…

Individualized Treatment Plans. Every person is unique and has specific healthcare needs. Naturopathic healthcare’s goal of enabling the body’s innate healing ability means every patient’s protocol – from prevention to treatment – must be individualized. A naturopathic doctor works to understand the unique need of the patient and develop an approach to sustain good health.

Holistic Approach to Health. A naturopathic doctor recognizes body, mind, emotions and spiritual health are all connected. This approach guides diagnosis and treatment and also encourages an open and honest relationship between doctor and patient. It also means a naturopathic doctor undergoes cross-disciplinary training in the areas of physical health, psychology and natural therapies.

An Approach that Empowers Patients. Naturopathic medicine’s emphasis on prevention relies on a patient’s involvement in their care and wellness. A patient and doctor work together to create a practical wellness plan including items such as diet and exercise. A naturopathic doctor’s approach involves a personalized approach rather than dictating the type of diet or activity one should pursue.

Options for “Untreatable” Conditions. Only recently did conventional medicine acknowledge that fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome may be real. Even so, they still have no options to address these conditions. Naturopathic doctors, like any doctor, may not have answers for every problem, but the holistic approach of naturopathy recognizes a patient’s experience and has access to centuries of medical wisdom and therapies that can be applied to help ease a patient’s conditions.

Natural Therapies. Herbal remedies based on traditional medicine may come to mind as natural therapies, but this category includes a lot more than herbs. It’s true, naturopaths seek to use herbals and safe, nature-based therapies if possible. Natural therapies also include exercise, alternative treatments like acupuncture and massage, and mind-body healing strategies where appropriate. Of course, all recommended therapies are done with input from the patient.

Evidence-based Approach to Medicine. Naturopathic medicine is built on an extensive history of trial and error. Think of it this way…early doctors and healers may not have had today’s science, tools, or method, but they quickly discovered what worked and what didn’t. In many cases, modern science has demonstrated that therapies outlined in ancient texts like Classic Herbal Medicine written more than 4,500 years ago and still used today just work. Today’s naturopathic doctors rely on science and research to bring their patients the safest, most effective treatments available.

Cost Effective. Naturopathic healthcare focuses on prevention. Less illness means fewer medical costs. Natural therapies also often cost less than conventional alternatives. The holistic approach offered by a naturopathic doctor offers patients a cost-effective approach to healthcare.

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